Aqua Concept GmbH
Am Kirchenhölzl 13
82166 Gräfelfing

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089 8993690
089 89936910

Aqua Concept develops, manufactures and sells their own heat-transfer fluids under the brand nameCORACON. The CORACON solar liquids are eco-friendly without any dangerous components. A productnovelty is our CORACON SOL EKO solar liquid where we have used a new type of glycole made of plants. It is a BIO-Glycole and has more than 50% less carbon emission than glycols made of oil. This product has a stable temperature of more than 210°C and has a lower viscosity than other comparable solar liquids. CORACON SOL 5 liquids have the technical approval for the use of aluminium materials of leading manufacturers such as HYDRO Aluminium.