ISH Preview: Heat for the digital world

Tue, 07/03/2017 - 12:03

ISH, the world's leading trade fair for building and heating technology, will take place from 14 to 18 March in Frankfurt, Germany. Sector coupling and the digitisation of heating technology will be at the top of the agenda this year.

The ISH will kick off this year on 14 March. For five days, the international heating industry will be meeting at the world's leading trade fair in Frankfurt. More than 2,400 exhibitors will be there this time. Approximately 200,000 visitors from around the world are expected to come. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are key topics once again in the international heating industry in 2017. In Germany, for example, CO2 emissions of existing buildings are to be reduced by 85% by the year 2050. The German Heating Industry Association (BDH) raises the following questions: Which technologies can facilitate the sector coupling between the electricity and heating markets that policymakers are advocating? Which sources of energy will dominate the heating market in the future?

One key technology is power-to-heat. Electricity from renewable sources is increasingly being used in the heating market. This can be implemented using the heat pump or by means of a hybrid system that includes a heat pump and a peak load heat generator. Power-to-heat also requires a transition to digital heating systems and a digital connection to the power grid in order to use flexible electricity tariffs. This includes the integration of roof-mounted PV systems for own use with building equipment and for heat generation.

For the first time, there will be themed tours especially for visitors who work as installation technicians. The partner country this year is Turkey. In 2015, 104 Turkish companies participated in the ISH. Five percent of Turkey's exports are directly generated by the sanitary, heating and air conditioning industry.

Solar heat

The collector manufacturer GREENoneTEC is presenting the latest versions of its thermosiphon system Solcrafte. The company is offering the thermosiphon systems with storage tank capacities of 150, 200 or 300 litres. The TSD version of the storage tank has a double wall. The TSF series is equipped with an internal stainless steel heat exchanger. All models are equipped with the Slimline collector, which is inexpensive but offers high performance, according to the manufacturer. The connecting lines that run from the solar collector to the storage tank are integrated in the collector and well-protected. This eliminates energy losses, allowing very efficient usage of solar power to heat water.
Hall 9.0, Booth B 62

Kingspan Thermomax, the pioneer of vacuum tube collector technology, has developed a special mounting system for a horizontal heatpipe collector. This increases the flexibility of the tried-and-tested HP400/450 collector, making it suitable for a wider range of applications. The new mounting kit makes it possible to install the collector at an angle between 10° and 90°. The system was designed specifically for large industrial installations. The collector's small angle of inclination reduces wind loads. Nevertheless, the Thermomax HP still has its tried-and-tested safety features (temperature limiting at 90° and 135°).
Hall 9.1, Booth C 66

OEG's new solar station helps installers to commission solar thermal systems as easily and as quickly as possible.
(Photo: OEG)

OEG is presenting its dual-line solar station Compact at this year's ISH. It is designed to allow technicians to install and commission a solar thermal system that meets individual requirements, at an attractive price, as easily and quickly as possible For this reason, the station is available in several versions. The simplest version does not feature a pump or regulator. Another version is equipped with the high-efficiency pump CPA-E 55/15 S, PWM. The third version includes the pump and a KSW series controller. "Our simple solar thermal products, which include pumps, solar stations and complete packages, are a direct response to the demands of our many customers in the installation business. We support them wherever possible and are proud to have introduced some of them to solar thermal energy for the first time", said Maik Berger, who is in charge of the business area solar and storage technology.
Hall 8.0, Booth F 03/ F 04 / F 10

AkoTec's hydraulic station Smart-e-manager combines heating circuits, domestic hot water, solar panels and system control in one unit.
(Photo: AkoTec)

The vacuum tube collector manufacturer AkoTec has expanded its product portfolio to include the hydraulic station Smart-e-manager, which combines heating circuits, domestic hot water, solar panels and system control in one unit. AkoTec's complete system is cleanly designed and wired, tested and ready to plug in; it just needs to be connected to the piping. The final steps in the installation are to plug in the power cord and connect the system to the router using the network cable. When it is connected to the Internet, the system can independently send status emails to residents or directly to the installer. This capability allows system faults to be detected immediately and corrected in a timely manner. In addition, the company offers free remote monitoring during the first two years. The system can be accessed at any time and from anywhere via the smartphone app. The Smart-e-manager always tries to use the solar energy system to meet the demand for hot water first. It only uses solar energy for space heating when sufficient energy is available.
Hall 9.1, Booth G 12

The control specialist Resol has released update 2.01 for its system controller DeltaSol MX. The controller can provide weather-compensated control with room influence or demand-driven room control with up to five room temperature sensors.
Hall 9.1, Booth A 96

PV systems

Oventrop is introducing the new Regucor WHP energy storage centre for solar-assisted supply of one or two-family houses with surplus electricity from a photovoltaic system or other renewable power sources. If more PV power is available than is needed for operating household appliances, then the surplus energy is used for heating the Regucor WHP energy storage system. The system can be integrated with other heat generators in existing and new buildings. Another novelty is Oventrop's Regudrain flushing station. This prevents stagnation of hot and cold drinking water in pipe sections that do not have a sufficient flow. The compact electronic home station Regudis W-HTE is also new. It features minimal pressure losses and a large output capacity. Oventrop is a specialist company with many years of experience in hydraulic balancing and the optimisation of hydraulic systems. This includes Oventrop Q-Tech for automatic hydraulic balancing. At the same time, the company is presenting the new system OVbalance Home. Oventrop is the only German manufacturer to offer a complete range of products that are eligible for funding, such as presettable valves, individual room temperature controllers, balancing valves or buffer storage.
Hall 10.1, Booth A 39.

Tuxhorn's Tubra-eTherm can now be remotely controlled via a Smart Meter Gateway.
(Photo: Tuxhorn)

Last year Tuxhorn presented its PV heating station Tubra-eTherm. Now there is a digital version of the device. An inverter interface allows power limitation in accordance with Section 6 EEG to fulfil the funding eligibility requirements for thermal storage. In addition, Tuxhorn has prepared the Tubra-eTherm to be remotely controlled via a Smart Meter Gateway. External control to increase performance and efficiency is now also possible. The intelligent charge management 'peak shaving' will reduce PV load peaks. Tuxhorn's fresh water station Tubra-nemux Eco is also new. With a tap capacity of 19 litres/min (at 10 °C cold water, 45 °C warm water and 65 °C buffer temperature) it is optimised for a residential unit. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is suitable for pre-installation on the storage system. A special plate heat exchanger design ensures low buffer return flow temperatures.
Hall 9.1, Booth B 59

The Thermostat Controller TC from Sorel now has the option to define a PV contact to utilise surplus power from the PV system to generate heat.
Hall 9.1, Booth G 04

Kioto Solar wants to help consumers to become energy self-sufficient step by step. The Twin energy roof generates heat and electricity from solar energy. Solar collectors and PV modules are the same size. This not only looks good; it also has the advantage that the same installation parts can be used. The energy generated is fed into the new Fresh storage system, which has a capacity of 500 litres. In combination with the Fronius Ohmpilot, the energy from the solar panels not only flows into the storage system; surplus power is also used for producing warm water. The intelligent, infinitely variable control of heat sources helps to maximise own consumption.
Hall 9.0, Booth B 62

Jens-Peter Meyer