TVP Solar
Rue Pré-de-la-Fontaine 10, Satigny Business Park
1217 Meyrin

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+41 22 534 9087
+41 22 310 6180

TVP Solar is a Swiss company, which designs, develops, manufactures & markets innovative, high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels based on a patented technology for cooling and heating applications up to 235°C.
Combining traditional flat-plate design with high-vacuum, TVP offers products with high performance and low cost-profile; effectively operating in any weather conditions, requiring zero maintenance and no concentrating mirrors.
Awards: WIPO 2012; Intersolar 2012; St. Gobain NOVA 2009
MT-Power is TVP Solar's first panel, targeting solar cooling with double-stage absorption chillers with a power output of 550Wth/sqm at 180°C and industrial process heat up to 200 °C. It is the first ever panel with Solar KEYMARK certification up to 200 ° C, making it eligible for subsidies across Europe and most of the world. It is proven in-field to operate even under highly diffuse light conditions (dust, humidity, haze, pollution) without requiring precision cleaning or any maintenance.
LT-Power is targeted to residential applications. It is the only panel to simultaneously offer sanitary hot water and ambient heating at 75ºC, even with scarce sunlight and in cold climates.