Heat pump Keymark: a single certificate for Europe

The Solar Keymark on a solar thermal collector – soon a similar Keymark will be available for heat pumps. (Photo: Jan Gesthuizen)

The Solar Keymark on a solar thermal collector – soon a similar Keymark will be available for heat pumps. (Photo: Jan Gesthuizen)

The Solar Keymark is well-known all over the solar thermal industry. Now the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) wants to create a similar label for heat pumps. A single label for all of Europe based on the European Committee for Standardization’s (CEN) Keymark scheme will make the certification of heat pumps in Europe a lot simpler. What’s especially interesting about the new label is that participating manufacturers will agree to third party checks of their products.

The new label would ensure a more transparent market and help consumers recognize whether a heat pump was certified according to European standards and tested by a validated testing laboratory. The biggest advantage of the Keymark scheme is that after certification with the Keymark in one country there is no need for re-testing a product against European Standards in other countries participating in the scheme.

As Sören Scholz, head of certification at the conformity assessment body DIN CERTCO emphasized: “The Keymark will be valid across Europe. Tested and certified once, accepted everywhere is the appropriate approach in a single European market”. There is already a Keymark for solar thermal collectors and systems and the new heat pump Keymark will be compatible with the requirements of Ecodesign and the Energylabel. The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation ESTIF which has been consulted on the experience of the Solar Thermal Keymark, and provided information.

Heat pump Keymark requirements

The requirements of the new heat pump Keymark include a set of performance test requirements carried out by a third party testing institute. The tests will be based on the European norms EN 14511, EN 15879 and EN 16147. The testing party should have a robust and reliable (simulation) approach to certify products from one line, which only differ slightly, without having to test all products in one line individually.

Additionally, a product related factory production control and an initial inspection of the factory production control is required. The products and the factory production control will of course also have to be examined regularly. 

In the end it’s worth the money

According to S&WE sources, the new Keymark will not be as cheap as some of the single national labels in use so far. Nevertheless, since it is valid for all of Europe, the overall price will be lower than acquiring several national labels.

At the end of June the website www.heatpumpkeymark.com will go online where further information on the development and the introduction of the heat pump Keymark will be published. The scheme will be introduced to the European market now and will be available to final consumers in the fourth quarter of 2015.

For the heat pump Keymark, EHPA cooperates with European certification bodies to define the quality standards. The heat pump Keymark is open to and executed by several accredited certification bodies in Europe starting with DIN CERTCO (Germany), BRE (UK) and SP CERT (Sweden). According to EHPA, several other partners have already signalled that they want to participate.

Tanja Peschel