Market overview of solar inverters

Efficiency rating is not everything. Modern solar inverters can not only transform direct current from photovoltaic systems into alternating current very efficiently, they are also needed to stabilise the grid, and some inverters are even complete energy management systems for building services.

The SUN & WIND ENERGY overview presents photovoltaic inverters from all categories, including module inverters, string inverters and central inverters for large photovoltaic systems. The spectrum ranges from simple inverters with one MPP controller to inverters with multiple MPP controllers that are needed for photovoltaic systems with an east-west orientation, for example. Some inverters feed in single-phase electricity, while others are adapted to all three phases of the grid.

Interfaces are standard features on many inverters. Internet connectivity, for example, is a very popular option because many owners of photovoltaic systems would like to monitor their system data online.

Many inverters are able to perform the tasks of an energy management system, optimising own-consumption of photovoltaic energy or controlling the charging cycle of a battery storage system. One inverter in this overview even comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

By clicking on the screen shot, you can open the overview, which has extensive filtering and search functionality. Please note that the European number system is used (decimal separator “,” instead of “.”)

A companion article to the market overview will be published in the printed issue S&WE The Solar Edition 2/2015. Subscribers will be able to download the article from our article archive in PDF format.