Converteam Powers World’s First 5MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Offshore Wind Generator in China

Rugby - Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Corporation Ltd (XEMC) has recently unveiled the world’s first 5MW permanent magnet direct-drive offshore-specific wind turbine. The achievement was marked by a 21st October ceremony in Xiangtan which was attended by leading officials representing regional and national government including the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Cao Jianlin.

The announcement follows successful completion of full load, back to back, testing of the turbine in which Converteam participated with its class leading Medium Voltage MV7000 power converter. The tests, undertaken at XEMC’s generator test facility in Xiangtan in China’s Hunan province, verified critical design parameters of performance and safety as well as overall effectiveness of the new turbine.

The power converter is a critical component of any wind turbine as it allows optimisation of the generator’s power output and ensures continuous operation even in low wind conditions and optimal grid stability. Converteam’s medium voltage MV7000 range of power converters recognises the trend towards the development of ever more powerful offshore wind turbines and the consequent demands for equipment of the highest efficiency and reliability.

Mr. Zhao Wenhong, General Manager of XEMC Wind spoke warmly of the co-operative working with Converteam “It is clear that the future of offshore wind lies in the development of wind turbines of ever greater power output. Converteam has shown itself to be a reliable and co-operative partner which has technologically superior products as well as the engineering skills that are essential as we bring our most innovative new products to the global market.”

Alain Guy, Vice President Global Wind at Converteam expressed his satisfaction with the successful tests “We are very proud of this new reference for a medium voltage converter in wind. Medium Voltage is gaining more and more interest from the offshore wind industry as the power of turbines increases, due to the demand of the offshore market; Medium Voltage enables us to increase efficiency of the whole system.”

Converteam, a world leader in wind converters with more than 20,000MW installed worldwide, was the first company to deliver a medium voltage converter in wind in 2004, leveraging strong expertise from other demanding industrial sectors (such as metals, marine, or oil and gas), where we have delivered more than 4,000MW of MV7000 so far.

XEMC plans to initially install two of this new class of turbines by the end of 2010, one in China and the other in Europe. XEMC Group is one of the largest manufacturing complexes in China, which enjoys a history of more than 70 years and possesses more than 1000 patents and intellectual property rights. XEMC employs more than 10,000 people and operates in businesses in manufacturing of electric machines, heavy trucks, ship propulsion systems, electric locomotives for mining industry, light rail vehicles for urban transportation, water pumps and wind turbines.

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