Global Tech 1: Half of the foundations are complete

The Innovation can deliver three tripods in one trip to the construction site. (Photo: Global Tech 1)
The Innovation can deliver three tripods in one trip to the construction site. (Photo: Global Tech 1)

On 17 June, the 40th tripod foundation in the North Sea wind farm Global Tech 1 will be constructed, which will mark the half-way point for the total of 80 foundations of the wind farm. The installation vessel "Innovation" had to make the trip to the construction site 14 times.

Three more foundations, which were manufactured at Nordseewerke, are to be installed immediately afterwards. They will be picked up at Nordseewerke in Emden by the pontoon "Louis" and towed to Bremerhaven for transhipment to the ABC Peninsula. After the subsequent 15th voyage of the Innovation, the jack-up vessel will be converted for the installation of the first towers and gondolas, until the second stage begins with the remaining foundations. The cabling of the foundations in the wind farm will continue in the meantime.

The loading of three 900-tonne foundations and nine piles onto the Innovation can now be completed within a maximum of 1.5 days. If the weather is good, a round-trip to the construction area 180 km away to build three foundations takes ten days.

Installation work on Global Tech 1 is monitored using the latest technology - for example, by the high-performance underwater robot "Panther". Arjen Schampers, Technical Director of Global Tech 1 Offshore Wind GmbH, says: "We are very proud of the Innovation offshore team and of the milestone we have reached. Together with Hochtief Solutions, we were able to prove that the technology works well and that we can reliably install foundations in 40 m water depth. This is a great achievement."

Katharina Garus

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