Soleg tests aluminium absorbers

“Once you have overcome the initial obstacles, aluminium tubes present a not insignificant cost benefit. In the end, the correct solar liquid is crucial.” Last year he had a 30 m² large facade collector installed on his company building, which hosts three large absorbers. For two of them the solar liquid runs through aluminium tubes, for the third it runs through copper tubes.

The question of using aluminium tubes in solar absorbers has already preoccupied Weindl and his team for a long time. The reason for this was the raw material costs for copper that had gone through the roof. While looking for potential savings, Soleg discovered the aluminium tubes of the company Standard Metallwerke GmbH. The manufacturer of semifinished goods from Werl in Germany has developed a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy for the solar industry called S-Life Solar. Soleg had harp registers built from the S-Life tubes at the Ruperti workshops in Altötting and welded them onto Tinox-coated aluminium sheets using an ultrasonic installation.

For more than a year they have now transformed sunlight to heat in the façade collector together with the comparative absorber made from copper. During this time, Soleg has regularly taken samples of the solar liquid and sent it in for technical laboratory tests. “So far the results have not shown any conspicuities that might give rise to suspecting any problems in the liquid circuit”, says Weindl. “Considering the prophecies of doom that the topic of aluminium tubes sometimes incurs, the result has been positively normal.” Joachim Berner

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