Vertex: A Wind Still Blows…

Vertex Fab & Design LLC, a local, highly skilled, metal fabrication facility located in Middleboro MA is quietly making a name for itself by building large sized wind towers for a variety of customers and installations in the wind turbine market all over the US.

Vertex is a company located in Middleboro MA that employs skilled individuals in administrative, technical, and fabrication functions from all over the southeastern and Boston MA area.

Scott Bauer, the sales manager for the company, says that the need for a large scale, highly skilled fabrication source in the Northeast is crucial to the current and future success of the wind turbine industry in the region and the US in general.

The tower components are fabricated from carbon steel and are very long, large diameter and exceedingly heavy so that transporting them into the area from far distances or other countries can be extremely cost prohibitive.

Currently Vertex is the only large scale tower fabricator who is geographically located in the Northeast region of the country. They offer the wind turbine industry a skilled manufacturing base, capacity to build multiple units, and much lower shipping costs due the their relative proximity to build sites in the region.

Vertex looks forward to more and more tower orders and a strong future in the wind turbine marketplace as it continues to grow.

Source: Vertex FD

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