Danish CSP plant becomes fully operational

The CSP system with a capacity of 16.6 MWth consists of 40 rows of 125&nbsp;m U-shaped mirrors with an aperture area of 26,929 m<sup>2</sup>. (Photo: Aalborg CSP)

Spring in Denmark not only means longer and brighter days but also the beginning of the first “harvest season” for a globally-unique solar energy system. The 26,929m2 concentrated solar power (CSP) plant now provides the city of Brønderslev with sustainable heating, but it will also enable power production as an add-on to a biomass-fuelled organic rankine cycle (ORC) system scheduled for completion in the second half of 2017.


Commercial CSP plant in Saudi Arabia

A concentrated solar power system with trough collectors will supply 50 MW of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) Power plant’s total capacity of 550 MW. The ISCC is located on the Arabian Peninsula and will use the “Ultimate Trough Collector” series produced by the Germany-based company Flabeg FE GmbH.


Laboratory advances: Thermochemical storage for up to 1,200 °C

A parabolic trough CSP plant. So far, the temperature which can be produced by these plants is quite limited. (Photo: Jan Gesthuizen)

Engineers have developed a new system, which might be able to store heat at very high temperatures similar to the way that batteries store electrical energy. This thermochemical storage system might revolutionise energy storage for concentrated solar power plants.


New mirror for next-gen parabolic troughs

The new mirror is designed for parabolic trough collectors like the Ultimate trough. (Photo: Flabeg)

German Flabeg FE GmbH has presented its next generation parabolic trough mirror. The new mirror is the next stage of chemical reinforced annealed parabolic trough mirrors showing further increased mechanical resistance.


China wants to build 810 MW CSP plant

A view over the mirrors towards the solar tower in BrightSource’s Solar Energy Development Center – a CSP demonstration plant with 6 MW in Israel’s Negev Desert. (Photo: BrightSource)

In the northwest of China, in the province of Qinghai, the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant is to be built. The solar thermal power project Delingha will cover about 25 km² and consist of six CSP towers with a capacity of 135 MW each.


First Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in Latin America

The high-temperature demonstration tower plant Eureka on the Solúcar platform in Spain. (Photo: Abengoa)

After Abengoa won the first tender for a CSP plant in Chile in January 2014, the Spanish company now builds a 110 MW tower plant, which uses molten salt as working fluid and for energy storage. The price offered by Abengoa was the second highest of all the awarded offers: 114.82 US$/MWh.


Flabeg FE delivered solar mirrors for Moroccan CSP project

The solar mirror manufacturer Flabeg FE GmbH delivered more than 530,000 annealed RP3 mirrors for the Noor I concentrated solar power (CSP) independent power project (IPP) in Ouarzazate, Morocco.