meteocontrol and Suntech establish joint venture in Japan

Yoshitaka Santoki (Suntech Japan) and Martin Schneider (meteocontrol) intensify their cooperation with the newly formed joint venture in Japan. (Photo: meteocontrol)

meteocontrol Japan, a joint venture with Suntech Power Japan Corporation, starts business operation in April and will offer the entire meteocontrol product portfolio.


Senior Vice President Luc Graré is leaving REC

Senior VP Luc Graré is leaving REC to run two own companies (photo: Luc Graré)

Luc Graré, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing of REC is leaving the company on 31st March 2017. He will head two new companies he has founded recently.


Upsolar opens a new sales branch in Australia

The module manufacturer and PV solutions provider Upsolar has announced a new office branch in Sydney. Upsolar Australia will bring new solutions for PV generation and smart grid management to the market and has signed a distribution agreement with Regalgrid Europe s.r.l., a specialist in smart grid technology.


QSTec to start up its polysilicon facility in Qatar

Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) has announced that it  has fired up its Qatar based polysilicon plant and successfully produced its first polysilicon.

Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) has announced that it has successfully produced its first polysilicon at its manufacturing facility in Qatar. According to the company, the production has a capacity of 8,000 metric tonnes per year.


Eurolab has opened preproduction facility for back-contact solar

Clients can test-manufacture back-contact solar panels at Eurolab. (Foto: Eurolab)

Eurolab has opened a new lab facility that enables its clients to assess innovations in back-contact solar in a preproduction scale. Eurolab, based west of Rotterdam, is a sister company of Eurotron, a Dutch company providing equipment for manufacturing of back-contact solar PV modules.


The first CAD for Solar

With PVCAD, designers get both CAD and solar design tools in one. (Photo: iStock)

PVComplete, an Oakland based solar design software provider, introduces PVCAD, the first and - according to the company - only CAD for solar. Powered by Autodesk technology, PVCAD rapidly accelerates solar project design and deployment.


Hanwha Q CELLS and Kalyon Enerji won Turkish PV tender at a bid of 6.99 US-ct/kWh

6.99 U.S.-ct/kWh was the bid for a 1 GW solar power plant in Turkey (photo: iStock)

A 1 GW tender for the biggest renewable energy project in Turkey's history was won by a 50-50 percent joint venture formed by Hanwha Q CELLS and Kalyon Enerji. Both companies will build a 1.000 MW solar power plant in the Karapınar region in Turkey with the bid of 6.99 US-ct/kWh (6.51 Euro-ct./kWh).