Holger Klärner leaves Q-Cells

Holger Klärner has terminated his position as Managing Director/COO of Q-Cells International GmbH, by mutual agreement with the company and Q-Cells SE, with effect of 31 October 2010, in the course of the Company's integration into the Group.

Scientists generate two electrons from a single photon

<b>Left: In normal solar cells, the absorption of light generates a single excited electron. The ground state is a so-called singlet, as is the excited state. <br>Right: In the substance DPIBF, the absorption of light generates two excited electrons. The excited state is known as a triplet. </b><br><br><i>Diagram: NREL</i><br>

If light falls on typical solar cell materials, the absorption of a photon (colloquially: a light particle) causes an electron to become electrically excited. In a solar cell with connected electrodes, the resulting electron / electron hole pair can generate a current.

Southwest Windpower’s Andy Kruse Appointed to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee

Flagstaff - Andy Kruse, co-founder and executive vice president of business development at Southwest Windpower, has been appointed to the Department of Commerce's recently established Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (RE&EEAC).

Spain restricts support for PV

As the commercial law firm Rödl & Partner points out, the number of hours of production for which the increased tariff according to Royal Decree (RD) 661/2007 applies will also be capped for three years. Furthermore, an electricity transmission fee of 50 €-ct per MWh has been introduced, which has to be paid to the grid operators.

Parity Solar and China National Building Materials (CNBM) form Joint Venture

Under a broad cooperation agreement, the companies will expand Parity's existing PV module manufacturing facility in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu to 500MW of annual production, including thin film and poly crystalline products.

Spanish parliament gives its blessing to PV support cuts

According to the regulation, the higher tariff that is specified in the Spanish support scheme will only be granted for a limited number of hours per year. In the remaining time, the operators will have to feed their electricity into the grid at market rates. What this market will look like is not yet clear.

Siliken to Produce PV Modules in Windsor

  • Siliken Canada Corporation has leased a building near the airport of Windsor.

  • Hiring of people of all sets of skills has started, equipment is on the way, and start of production scheduled for second half of April 2011.