Partnership between Dupont and Suntech

In addition to a commitment to combine efforts toward technology development, the strategic partnership also includes a promise by Dupont to supply metallisation pastes and backing films for Suntech solar cells. However, the joint statement does not provide any details on the planned scope of delivery or even price agreements.

DEGERenergie stops production of tracking systems for CPV applications - CPV unprofitable in the foreseeable future

ERenergie will stop the production of its systems DEGERtraker 3000CT and 5000CT and not pursue sales activities in the field of Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV) any longer. This was recently announced by the company.

USA imposes anti-subvention tax on Chinese PV modules

The US Department of Commerce has decided to charge a preliminary anti-subvention duty on the import of subsidized Chinese solar power products.

UK: market collapses after PV support cut

The solar industry in Great Britain has suffered a dramatic fall in demand since the reduction in subsidies came into force on 1st April. The Department of Energy and Climate Change reports that there have been 90% less PV installations since 1st April than there were in the period before the reduction of the feed-in tariff.

Europeans demand solar energy

Leaders of the solar energy community representing citizens across Europe called on Brussels politicians to increase their support for solar energy. In video messages from France, Italy and Portugal, three of the 20 European countries participating in the European Solar Days campaign, national representatives urged policy makers to stimulate further the growth of solar energy across Europe.

Q-Cells sells Solibro to Hanergy

The insolvent German PV manufacturer Q-Cells is selling Solibro, its CIGS module manufacturing subsidiary, to Hanergy of Beijing.  This was announced by Q-Cells on June 5th. Solibro produces CIGS thin-film modules. According to Q-Cells, Hanergy plans to maintain the 430 jobs at Solibro and keep the existing management. Operations and the Solibro customer service are also to be continued.

Solar Land Partners Instrumental in 470 MW Utility-Scale Solar PV Transactions in the United States

Saratoga - Solar Land Partners (SLP)today announced that they facilitated the sale of approximately 470 MWs of utility-scale solar PV projects in the second quarter of 2012.SLPprovided technical, financial, and legal due diligence for the Energy Infrastructure Division of a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate, enabling its client to significantly expand its solar PV portfolio in the