EU plans threaten to fragment energy market

Circuit breakers at a substation (Photo: 50Hertz)

While experts call for an expansion of European power lines into a powerful integrated grid, the European Commission's current plans might just cause exactly the opposite; they may lead to a fragmentation that divides the German electricity market into two partial markets, with negative consequences for electricity prices.

Kawa acquires Conergy subsidiaries

Kawa wants to acquire the global sales and service subsidiaries of insolvent Con

Effective immediately, the U.S. financial investor Kawa Capital Management has acquired global sales units of the photovoltaic system supplier Conergy. The acquisition applies to Conergy subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Thailand.

Danfoss will start generating solar power at its headquarters in Denmark

Preparations for the Danfoss solar park are well under way on the southern Danis

Inverter manufacturer Danfoss is planning to build a solar park with 2.1 MW of installed capacity near its headquarters in Nordborg on the southern Danish island of Als. According to the company, the power plant will go into operation before the end of this year.