India raises coal tax for renewable energies

With the tax India wants to fund research and innovative projects in renewable energy technologies. Indian Finance Minister Prnab Mukherjee estimates that the tax can generate an income of US$ 543 million per annum. India targets a total capacity of 20 GW solar power in 2022.

Commonwealth Games 2010 go Green

It is expected to generate annually around 1.4 million kWh of electricity resulting in emission reduction of more than 1,200 tons of CO2. It would cater to the power requirements of the stadium and the surplus would be fed into the grid. Besides, there are three 2.6 kW solar PV systems on the roofs of individual tennis courts in the R. K. Khanna Tennis Complex.

Kioto PV puts its own production into operation

As Kioto emphasizes, the modules are subject to three-stage end-to-end checks. At the Intersolar the Austrians will present two new innovations: firstly, Kioto offers the Conducting Edge Connector, a corner connector that can conduct current, made in the familiar style with rounded edges. Thus earthing is possible on both the upper and lower sides of the module.