Solar Thermal

Pressure or drain-back? The new solar heating system from Vaillant can do both!

The auroSTEP plus by Vaillant can be used as a drain-back or pressurised solar heating system. (Photo: Jens-Peter Meyer)

The system provider Vaillant has introduced a new entry-level system for solar water heating. What makes it special is that it can be used for both pressurised and drain-back systems. The system is available with storage tank capacities of 150, 250 or 350 litres. The standard version is equipped with a high-efficiency pump. For higher discharge heights in drain-back systems, the pump group has room for a second pump.


PV instead of solar thermal: solar pioneer Andreas Wagner heats water using electricity

Andreas Wagner, co-founder of Wagner & Co. explains the controller on the Selacal system, which is manufactured by his new company Awasol. (Photo: Jan Gesthuizen)

Up till now, when people spoke about thermal solar energy, they meant generating heat with solar collectors. But an increasing number of companies are also offering devices that heat water using solar electricity. Awasol may be the newest provider of such systems on the market, but the person behind it is no newcomer to the industry. Its managing director is Andreas Wagner, co-founder of Wagner & Co., which played a pioneering role in the solar thermal industry.


Innovation award for solar process steam

The collector field on the roof of the University of Karlsruhe produces solar process steam for heating and cooling purposes. (Photo: University of Karlsruhe – Technology and Economics)

Process heat for industry is predicted to be a very important application for solar thermal in the future. The Ritter Group has now been awarded the Otti Innovation Prize for developing an important building block in this area.


New controller for thermosiphon systems

The new TT2 thermostat controller from Resol with the RCTT remote control. (Photo: Resol)

Just two weeks after launching its app for the Apple Watch, controller manufacturer Resol has introduced the next innovation to the market. The new TT2 thermostat controller was specially designed for use with solar thermosiphon systems, such as the ones commonly used in Southern Europe.


Compact drain-back unit from Sorel

 The DrainSet with collecting tank and solar controller. (Photo: Sorel)

Solar controller manufacturer Sorel has introduced a new compact drain-back box on the market. The DrainSet comes ready to be plugged in, which reduces installation time considerably.


Controlling the heating system with an Apple Watch

Heating up the apartment by tapping your wrist: Resol has adapted its app VBus Touch HC for the Apple Watch. (Photo: Resol)

The new Apple Watch is not even on the market yet and Resol is already the first vendor to enable users to control the heating system using the new smart watch.


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