Solar Thermal

Water heating tour in the US

<i>Photo: Cromagen</i>

During the United States High Efficiency Revolution Tour, which will be organised by A.O. Smith, the partners will work with educating distributors, wholesalers, contractors, plumbers, specifying engineers, builders and consumers about solar thermal water heating solutions.

Financing of Fresnel solar power station Puerto Errado 2 completed

<b>The plant Puerto Errado 2 is already under construction</b><br><br><i>Photo: Novatec</i>

The funds of 67 million euros will be provided by a consortium of three large European banks. There have already been other Fresnel solar power stations in the USA, in Spain and in Australia, but in contrast to PE2, all of them have a capacity in the low to medium single-digit MW range and can thus be classified as demonstration projects.

GE to integrate eSolar technology into Turkish power station

<b>The main block of the FlexEfficiency 50 power station: it has been specially designed for the combined use of natural gas and solar thermal energy.</b><br><i>Photo: GE</i>

Extending gas-fired power stations using solar thermal technology is not a new idea. There are already three such power stations in North Africa and one in Australia. At these power stations solar collectors provide heat and thus help to save fuel. GE's power station, however, will be the first to use solar tower technology.

BrightSource plans new 500 MW power tower plant


The intended location for the Hidden Hills project is in Inyo County in California, near the border to Nevada and about 45 miles west from Las Vegas. According to BrightSource, the Hidden Hills plant will drive down the costs for solar thermal electricity through economy of scale effects.

Solar salt storage for drying hay

The hay-drying facility is part of the six-year research project "Sorptro", which comprises the experimental investigation and demonstration of sorption heat storage systems for low temperature drying processes powered by solar energy.

Ambitions in Brazil

<b>Gasokol Managing Director Erwin Gattringer intends to enter the project business.</b><br><br><i>Photo:Gasokol</i>

Ten thermosiphon collectors of the type Heatpipe Inox110 reached Brazil by air. "This delivery may not be a huge strategically planned move, but it is the first foot in the door of the export market to Latin America", said Gasokol Managing Director Erwin Gattringer. He wishes to use good contacts abroad and continue the expansion using local partners.

Swiss solar award for plus-energy hotel

The Muottas Muragl Hotel located in Samedan near St. Moritz has been given the Swiss Solar Award for its conversion to a plus-energy standard. The historic building at 2,456 metres above sea level dates back to 1905. The heating period at the hotel can be as long as 330 days per year as the annual average temperature is only -1° C.