Solar Thermal

New steering committee selected

This committee is composed of 15 members from 9 different countries. These members have diverse experience in the solar thermal field, with various backgrounds, either from the private or public sector, representing industry, research, educational and governmental fields.

First large scale SWH System in Turkey with Meander collectors from Ezinc

Trabzon, Turkey - Ezinc has installed its first big size low flow operating solar thermal system project in north coast city of Trabzon. In this project; 274 pcs of Superline XL FSB Collectors are used which equals to 762 sqm of total collector area. System installed on a student hostel which has a capacity of 2000 students.

Five times more solar tanks

This is a response to the sharp rise in demand for large solar tanks over the past years. The production centre is currently operating at full capacity. The third building which is now to be erected at the company site in Oberburg will achieve a five-fold increase in production capabilities. The investments total some 10 million Swiss francs.

Successful start in Egypt: Solar field of the hybrid power plant in Kuraymat exceeds expectations

Erlangen / Kuraymat - Three months after commencing operation, the production at Egypt's first major solar-thermal power plant exceeds expectations considerably. The solar field, based on parabolic trough technology developed by the Solar Millennium Group, generates nearly eight percent more energy on average than estimated.

Chromagen Receives the Outstanding SolidWorks Product Concept Design Award

Sha'ar Ha'amikim, Israel - Chromagen Ltd. receives the top design award at the 6th annual SolidWorks Conference in Tel Aviv Israel on October 3, 2011. The judges of the competition select the recipient of the award based on submitted SolidWorks projects showing the design concept of a product in 3D using the SolidWorks program.

Counterstatement: Combinations in countless variants

Joop Hoek defends himself against the accusations by SES contained therein, in which it is claimed he stole the operating administration. As the company’s head of operations he is the sole authorised signatory. Until now, he has neither been given notice nor has he resigned from the company.

Mirror Carousel to increase efficiency of tower power stations

<i>Source: CTAER</i>

With this system, the mirrors are not mounted on stationary masts, where they track the sun biaxially, but move on concentric rails around the receiver. The tower itself also rotates around its axis.