Solar Thermal

Solar thermal power stations for € 400 billion planned

The consortium includes companies such as Munich Re, Siemens, the Deutsche Bank and RWE. The firms in the consortium are set to meet on 13th July. Munich Re board member Torsten Jeworrek says that with this level of investment it would be possible to construct power stations that could supply 15 % of Europe's electricity.

Solar supports district heating

802 collectors with a total net area of more than 10,000 m2 will now contribute a share of 17 % to the heating demand of the more than 1,000 households that are connected to the grid.

Desertec Industrial Initiative takes up its work

<b>According to Desertec, solar energy for Europe will soon come primarily from Africa and the Middle East.</b> <br><br><i>Illustration: DESERTEC Foundation</i><br>

The long-term goal of the initiative is to cover a large part of the electricity requirement of the MENA region and 15 % of that of Europe.

NextEra Energy to supply 250 MW CSP

The project called “Genesis” will be built in two 125 MW units, of which the first is planned to go online 2013 and the second 2014. The production will start in late 2010. Once installed, the plant is expected to produce 560 GWh of electricity per year. The plant will be located at a 1,800 acre site in Riverside County, California.

Siemens to expand receiver production

In late 2009 Siemens had acquired Solel Solar – one out of two manufacturers of receivers used in parabolic trough based power plants. Now Siemens is to invest € 50 million in the expansion of the factory in Israel. According to Siemens, the expansion will create 150 new jobs. Currently, there are about 500 employees working at that location.

Guidebook for solar ordinances

The proSTO blueprint is based on the experience of five communities across Europe (cities of Lisbon, Murcia, Stuttgart, Giurgiu and region of Lazio) which developed public measures and ordinances for promoting the use of solar thermal at local level.

Solar Euromed secures PPA for 250 MW CSP in Sudan

This PPA is part of an agreement with the Sudan Ministry of Energy and Mining for the development of 2 GW CSP power plants in the next ten years. The 250 MW are divided into three parts with 50 MW, 100 MW and another 100 MW capacity. Commercial operation is expected to start in 2013/14 and will lead to a total investment of € 1.25 billion.