Solar Thermal

100 new solar heated pools in Ontario

“Starting in February, people begin inquiring about installing a solar pool heating system for their pool and we get about 700 of these calls every year”, says the company´s President Andrew McKegney. According to McKegney, neither the cool weather this summer nor the economic downturn have had a negative effect on the pool heating market.

Solar Thermal World Address Book

In this book all important participants of the solar thermal value chain – from the raw material supplier up to the collector manufacturer – are listed in more than 45 categories.

SolarReserve wins PPA for two CSP projects with heat storage

With a capacity of 480.000 MWh/a the power plant Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Tonopah in Nevada, USA, will provide electricity for 75.000 housholds.<br><br><br>Photo:Solarreserve

By the agreement with PG&E SolarReserve ensures the sale of electricity from its CSP plant Rice Solar Energy Project. The solar tower plant will be located 30 miles northwest of the city of Blythe in eastern Riverside County, California.

Solar Millennium increases its turnover by 529 %

The company managed to increase its turnover from € 32 million in the previous year to € 201.8 million in 2009. This includes an extraordinary effect of € 48 million. The EBIT quadrupled to € 43.1 million including the extraordinary effect or € 31.1 million without it. The 2009 results are expected to generate additional liquidity inflow of more than € 100 million.

India´s solar thermal industry has its own association

The organisation has 14 charter members, amongst which are TATA-BP Solar, Bipin Engineers, Emmvee Solar, Sudarshan Saur, Nuetech Solar, Racold Thermal, Intersolar, Solchrome BoroSolar, Photon Solar, V-Guard, Electrotherm, Kotak Urja and Akson Solar.

Abengoa to build 100 MW CSP plant in Abu Dhabi

<b>Shams 1 will generate enough energy to power 62,000 households with green energy.</b><br><br><i>Graphic: Abengoa Solar</i><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

The parabolic trough solar power field, which will cover 741 acres of desert, will power a 100 MW power block. Construction of the power plant will begin by mid 2010 and is expected to be finished by 2012. Heat storage will not be used. The government of Abu Dhabi has approved for the Shams 1 project a solar incentive premium in the form of a long term Green Power Agreement.