Solar Thermal

Safe, quick and clean – the new SBS 2000 filling and flushing station

For solar thermal pros, filling and flushing solar thermal systems is a day-to-day business. The SBS 2000 is the ideal companion for a professional performance. Its many thought-out details facilitate transport, operation and cleaning.

38 MW CSP plant in Greece

The plant will have a capacity of 38 MW and use the LPT 550 system from BrightSource Energy, an US based CSP plant developer. The LPT 550 is a power tower system where thousands of mirrors focus the sunlight to a central receiver that is mounted on a tower. The collected heat is then used, to generate steam for a conventional steam turbine which generates electricity.

FPL unveils biggest CSP hybrid power plant

<b>190,000 of these parabolic trough collectors are installed at the Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Centre. </b><br><br><i>Photo: Florida Power & Light </i><br>

The plant uses about 190,000 parabolic trough collectors on an area of 200 hectares (500 acres). The solar heat is used to reduce natural gas consumption of the existing fossil fuel plant by 1.16 million cubic metres (41 million cubic feet). Over the next 30 years the solar field will save about US$ 178 million of fuel costs.

Flabeg enhances mirror reflectance

<b>Configuration of Flabeg’s monolithic mirrors: the glass layer has a thickness of 4 mm.</b><br><br><i>Graphic: Flabeg</i><br>

Flabeg is already guaranteeing the new value to its customers. The enhancement was achieved by process optimisation during manufacturing and usage of better raw materials. The reflectance was measured according to the ISO 9050 standard. The new mirrors have a higher accuracy in shape and geometry than the forerunner model.

For the first time, all the sustainable solar house models participating in SDE 2012, will be exhibited

Barcelona - The Secretary of State for housing and urban projects, Beatriz Corredor, has presented today the 20 sustainable house models will participate in the next edition of Solar Decathlon Europe, competition organized by Ministry of Public Works with the collaboration of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

New research centre for solar thermal power generation

When it comes to solar energy, the DLR is not inexperienced and has been dealing with solar thermal power stations for more than 30 years (CSP: Concentrated Solar Power). In sunny regions such as Spain and the southeast of the USA this technology has become increasingly important during recent years.

Solar Millennium completes Arenales financing

The purchaser is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank's RREEF Pan-European Infrastructure Fund. Some 26% of the remaining shares will be held by Solar Millennium, another 25% by OHL. At the same time, the financing agreement was signed with a group of Spanish and French banks too.