Solar Thermal

New generation is aware of importance of renewable energy

Ezinc is always number one company about social responsibility projects in Turkey.

Ezinc mission is always to explain importance of solar energy for everybody. For this aim EZGESEM Ezinc Continuously Training Center was started for training programmes in the Ezinc company.

Keahole Solar Power to build 5 MW CSP plant in Hawaii

<b>The first CSP plant in Hawaii, Holaniku at Keahole Point, was developed by Keahole Solar Power in 2009. </b><br><br><i>Photo: Keahole Solar Power </i>

The land will be used to build the 5 MW micro CSP power plant Kalaeola Solar One. The plant will use parabolic trough technology. It also will have a thermal storage that enables the plant to operate during cloudy weather and at night for 2 hours, that will be used to balance weather fluctuations and for shift production during the night time.

CSP plant Hualapai Valley receives environmental certification

The CEC was the last approval for the project developer Mohave Sun to begin construction of the power plant. Beside the plant itself, the CEC approves interconnection and transmission plans.

Kingspan’s New Brand Identity Delivers Everything Under The Sun

To reflect its dedication to providing an unrivalled one-stop-shop for market-leading renewable technologies paired with high performance hot water storage solutions, as of December 2010 Kingspan Hot Water Systems Ltd and Kingspan Solar will trade as Kingspan Renewables.

Award for SHC plant from S.O.L.I.D.

This was announced by the Austrian company S.O.L.I.D. GmbH in a press release. The plant, which is being built on the campus of the United World College of South East Asia, is the only solar thermal project to have received the award.

Hydro sells aluminium pipes to Solarbayer and Hewalex

<b>Norwegian industrial group Norsk Hydro ASA has succesfully entered the market for aluminium pipes for solar absorbers.</b><br><br><i>Photo:Norsk Hydro </i>

It was only in December that Hydro received the test results for its aluminium pipes from the test centre SPF Rapersvile in Switzerland. The Institute had investigated the corrosion resistance of the pipes in a simulation at high temperatures. Hydro is now sure that the pipes will easily be able to survive 20 years in a flat collector.

Acciona opens second CSP plant in Extremadura

The company invested € 237 million for the construction of the 50 MW plant at Majadas de Tiétar. The plant is based on parabolic trough technology, where parabolic formed mirrors are focusing the sunlight onto absorber tubes which are filled with synthetic oil. The heat is used to generate steam that drives a conventional steam turbine.