Solar Thermal

Thailand's first CSP power plant connected to the grid

The special aspect of this power plant is not the location, but rather the fact that it is the first commercial parabolic trough power station that works with direct vaporization of water in the receiver tubes.

Solar water heating systems from Emmvee in Southern India

The Indian manufacturer Emmvee Solar Systems Private Limited has installed Solarizer systems at 35 locations across Karnataka, Southern India.

Fred Morse receives 2012 SHC SOLAR AWARD

Dr. Frederick H. Morse is this year’s winner of the SHC SOLAR AWARD of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. He received the award yesterday at the SHC 2012 conference in San Francisco, USA. For many years, Dr. Morse has been an outstanding promoter of solar energy and served the IEA SHC between 1976 and 2007 in various roles – amongst others, as its first chairman.

Sunlumo goes America

Perg - With their own offices in the US, Sunlumo is further extending its international network. “The US-American market holds enormous possibilities for growth,” says Sunlumo CEO Robert Buchinger. Several companies are interested in Sunlumo’s innovative solar solutions.

Aventa completes new production line

Aventa’s new production line is highly automated. (Photo: Aventa)

Norwegian solar system manufacturer Aventa AS has completed a new automated production line for solar thermal collectors. The new line automatically joins end-caps and absorbers. By using a contour-adapted, infra-red welding technology, based on medium-wave metal-foil emitters, the whole process is completed in about two minutes per solar collector.

Green Paper 2013: Heating sector not satisfied


The Green Paper 2013 of the EU Commission neglects the heating sector. According to "Heat Coalition", an organisation consisting of 11 companies from the European heating and air conditioning industry, neither the potential nor the future problems of the heating sector were adequately mentioned by the EU Commission.