Solar Thermal

First CSP power plant in 20 years licensed in California

In a unanimous vote, the Energy Commission adopted the presiding member’s Karen Douglas proposed decision (PMPD) to approve the project. The Beacon Solar Energy Project is a 250 MW parabolic trough CSP power plant.

Intertek’s Offers Quick Tips Datasheet on Solar Thermal Certification

Boxborough - Intertek, a global leader in testing and certification for renewable energy products, is offering a free tips sheet, Quick Tips for Solar Thermal Certification, educating solar thermal device manufacturers on the testing requirements for North American market access.

PV-T has been approved by MCS

Generating heat and electricity: Since May 2010, 48 Volther PVT collectors by Turkish manufacturer Solimpeks have both supplied hot water to a children's home in Surrey County, Great Britain, and fed solar electricity into the local energy grid. According to the manufacturer, the system's payback period is 12 years, thanks to the Feed-in Tariff scheme for solar electricity.

Solar Thermal China 2011: The Only 100% B2B Trading Platform for Solar Thermal Products in China <br />22-24 June 2011, CNCC, Beijing

China is the largest market in the world for solar thermal products. Demand has exploded since the 1990s, and the annual production capacity of solar water heaters increased from 6.1 million m2 in 2000 to 42 million m2 in 2009, an average annual growth rate of 25%. Correspondingly, the installed area increased from 26 million m2 in 2000 to 145 million m2 in 2009.

SunMaxx Solar Announces New Solar Thermal Logistics Center in Binghamton

SunMaxx Solar announces their new logistics center located in the Binghamton, NY triple cities area near IBM's original headquarters!

The new logistics center will bring added savings and improved deliverer times to all customers located in the Northern states. In 2011, SunMaxx Solar will maintain larger inventory levels of all items based on feedback from our customers in 2010.

Termicol Energía Solar enters Romanian market

<b>Two systems of 32 collectors each are installed at the Sf. Andrei Community Service Centre in Romania.</b><br><br><i>Photo: Termicol</i><br>

The building that was endowed with solar collectors is “Sf. Andrei Community Services Centre” in Ploiesti, 60 km north of Bucharest. The centre offers free services for disabled children, as nursing/attendance , daycare, counseling and so on.

Calculation method for solar thermal energy

The program, which was developed by the IEA-SHC and other partners, is a step forward for the worldwide evaluation of the energy made available by solar thermal systems. Up until now, the output in kWth has simply been estimated using the installed collector area.