Solar Thermal

Combined solar thermal / oil hybrid heating solutions- efficient, affordable and available

Brussels - As the EU defines its Energy Efficiency Plan, consumers and businesses question how their energy heating consumption and costs will be affected.

New at RESOLs Intersolar booth 2011

When the Intersolar trade fair opens in Munich this year, RESOL will of course be there, too.

TU Dresden joins Desertec University Network

<b>After signing the declaration of enrolment: Dr. Gerhard Knies (founder and former Chairman of the Desertec supervisory board), Hans Müller-Steinhagen (Rector of TU Dresden), Mouldi Miled (Director of the Desertec University Network), Prof. Driss Zejli (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique) (from left to right) </b><br><br><i>Photo: TUD/Geise</i>

This network, which was founded in Tunisia at the end of 2010, includes more than 21 universities and research institutions from North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. DUN aims to research detailed questions regarding the renewable energy project scientifically.

Loan for solar/bio hybrid project

Initially parts of the loan will be used to assist Golden Yimeng Group and Dongying Lufang Metallic Materials to fund a biogas system, to generate electrical power and heat. It will also use preheated steam that will be supplied by parabolic trough collectors. The electrical output of the project will be 6 MW.

Denmark - More than 60 MWth of new solar district heating in 2011

Solar heat is penetrating Denmark's district heating networks at an unprecedented speed. Around 90 000m2 of collector area (63 MW) will be newly connected to the country's networks in 2011. High fossil fuel prices make solar heat economically interesting also in other countries.

Pool heating with vacuum tube collectors

<b>Limited roof space was no problem. Kingspan collectors were installed in two sets.</b><br><br><i>Photo: kingspan</i>

Green Power was commissioned by Carpe Diem to develop a solar hot water system to heat the school’s 20-year-old swimming pool with 250,000 L water which had been heated electrically before. It was needed to ensure that the pool is heated at a constant 28 °C daily.

SkyFuel with new coating for mirrors

The new ReflecTechPLUS called film has a new transparent abrasion protection coating. In every other aspect the silver film has the same features as the preceding model. The specular reflectance of the mirror is 94 % at 25 mrad and 660 nm. The solar-weighted hemispherical reflectance is 93 %.