Solar Thermal

Chromagen receives Design Award

<b>Chromagens Pro DJ150.</b><br><br><i>Photo: Chromagen</i>

The Pro DJ150 called system won the price in a competition with 50 candidates. It is a closed-loop solar hot water system. The heat transfer cycle is separated from the potable water, so an anti-freezing solvent can be added to heat transfer fluid. The collector tubes are also prevented from scale buildup to lengthen the systems lifespan.

German government a stakeholder in 160 MW CSP power plant

The 160 MW parabolic trough plant will be equipped with thermal storage, enabling it to keep producing power for three hours without sunlight. This capability will enable the plant to continue production into the evening hours to cover the increased demand at night.

Valle 1 + 2 in operation

This has been announced by Torresol Energy, a joint venture between Abu Dhabi's sustainable energy company Masdar and Sener, a Spanish engineering and construction firm. Together, the plants will produce 320 GWh of electricity annually. They are both equipped with thermal storage.

Siemens Energy delivers receivers to India

The slowly blossoming market for solar thermal power stations in India is increasing in importance for Siemens.After recent orders for turbines, the company will now also supply receiver tubes to India.

Solarthermalworld Quiz: All-rounders win prizes

Solar thermal professionals from all around the world took part in the third round of the quiz at the Intersolar Europe in Munich. The three winners, who were announced at the third day of the fair, came from three different countries as well.

Future cities = heat pump cities? Not a question, reality!

Brussels - In the framework of the 10th European Week of Regions and Cities, the European Heat Pump Association united European and regional politicians, renewable energy experts, planners and relevant EU-based decision makers to ease the way to the realization of more and more heat pump cities through real examples of existing technologies, financial schemes and projects.

Sika joins SMEThermal 2013 Conference in Berlin

Sika will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the SMEThermal Conference in Berlin, Germany. The international conference dedicated exclusively to process optimisation, automation and new materials for the Solar Thermal industry will take place in the Beletage – Conference Center Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung on January 29.