Solar Thermal

Aora constructs second CSP research tower

The hybrid operating system is located at Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA), a centre for research into solar energy utilization. In addition to solar energy, the plant can be operated with alternative fuels.

America’s largest solar thermal plant is operational

On the roof of the Stapelton-Spence Packing Company a solar system with an area of over 1,900 m2 has been installed. Full-polymer collectors by the company Fafco preheat the source water by up to 30°. The water is then fed to a gas boiler, which thus requires less energy to achieve the desired temperature.

SMEThermal: Call for papers

The international conference SMEThermal will be held in Berlin on 7 February 2012 for the third time already. The one-day event deals explicitly with process optimization, automation and new materials in the tank and collector industry. SMEThermal 2011 was a great success.

North American approval for three Steca controllers

They now have a CSA mark for the North American market: TR A501 T U, TR A502 TT U and TR A503 TTR U.

Steca Elektronik GmbH has recently received North American authorization for three further solar controllers. The newly approved controllers are the latest generation of solar controllers from the company, which is based in Memmingen, Germany. The new 500-type controllers of the TR series have been kept compact so that they fit well in solar pump stations.

Turkey is building over 15,000 flats with solar heating

A year after the heavy earthquake in Van, the first 15,000 new flats are complete. Each one has its own solar facility. (Photo: Ezinc)

After 30,000 flats were destroyed in the Turkish town Van by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in 2011 and over 600 people lost their lives, the government is rebuilding over 15,000 flats. In doing so, every single one of them will be equipped with a solar heating system.

New Solar Brewery in Bend, Oregon

Binghamton - SunMaxx Solar, a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, is proud to announce the installation of a solar thermal system at the new Worthy Brewing Company in Bend, Oregon.