Solar Thermal

STA Scotland proposes incentives to reach 2020 goals

Scotland and solar power – a good-looking partnership. An in-roof solar PV installation in Montrose, Scotland. (Photo: STA Scotland)

The Scottish Solar Trade Association has proposed a list of 20 “Asks” for the Scottish Government to reach Scotland’s 2020 goal of 100 % renewable electricity. These key asks include, but are not limited to, retaining the 5% reduced rate of VAT for all domestic solar retrofit, implementing an ambitious solar action plan for Scotland and establishing financial support mechanisms for PV and solar thermal.


Solar thermal kit for easy installation of large systems

The new Opticube, an easy to assemble, modular kit for solar thermal applications. (Photo: Sunoptimo)

Opticube is a modular solar thermal kit to create ground-mounted solar systems with a total area between 30 and 3,000 m² that can be installed without special equipment or training.


Larger systems on the rise

The ISOL-Navigator for December 2015. (Graphic: Solrico)

The market research agency Solrico puplished the new ISOL Navigator. The comprehensive overview of the global solar thermal market shows that large systems will become more and more important in the following years. The Index analysed 18 key markets and Solrico spoke to 330 stakeholders.


One year of realignment at Sonnenhaus Institut

In order to qualify as a Sonnenhaus, a building must cover at least 50% of its heating requirements using solar energy. Solar thermal energy is usually used for this purpose. (Photo: Schlagmann Poroton/ Sonnenhaus Institut)

2015 was the first full calendar year following the realignment of the Sonnenhaus Institut, which allowed the combination of photovoltaics and heat pump for the first time. Most Sonnenhaus homes are still heated using solar thermal systems, but photovoltaics are also finding their place.


New hot water solar controller from Resol

The new Deltasol AL E HE is intended for hot water solar systems with electric secondary heating. (Photo: Resol)

The solar specialist Resol has launched a new solar controller for controlling hot water solar thermal systems that use electric secondary heating.


The whole solar thermal sector united in one book

The last six editions of the Solar Thermal World Address Book.

In only a few weeks we will publish the newest edition of the SOLAR THERMAL WORLD ADDRESS BOOK, the only comprehensive overview of the global solar thermal industry and its complete value chain. If you want to be part of the book and present your company to the global industry,


Book release: Heating with Renewable Energy

The new book “Heating with Renewable Energy” provides detailed discussions for each type of renewable energy heat source. (Picture: Appropriate Designs)

Heating with Renewable Energy is a new textbook written by John Siegenthaler, and published by Cengage Learning. This 850 page full colour text shows how to design and construct practical systems that supply space heating and domestic hot water using renewable energy heat sources.