Solar Thermal

All-aluminium absorbers: reference installation without corrosion

The reference system with twelve Fino collectors is installed on the facade. (Ph

All-aluminium absorbers are splitting the solar thermal industry down the middle. Some see them as an important way to reduce costs; others just see an additional corrosion hazard.

250 MW solar power station planned in Nevada

The partners have signed a declaration of intent on the joint development of projects in the Amargosa Desert. To start with, a 250-MW parabolic trough power plant will be designed, in which the same thermal storage tanks will be used as in the Spanish power stations Andasol 1 and 2. In this way, electricity production even after sunset can be planned.

Tisun sets up office in England

Geoff Miller <br><br>Photo: Tisun<br>

“The British market grew by 50 % last year and has grown so large that a central distribution structure has become feasible“ says Robin M. Welling, General Manager for distribution and customer services at TiSUN, to explain his decision. Until now Tisun has worked with the company Stroma as an importer for Wales and England.

E.ON offers research award for CSP heat reservoirs

E.ON has invited universities and institutes worldwide to submit proposals for innovative storage systems by the beginning of next year. In the autumn, the selected projects will receive the E.ON Research Prize. This is the third time that E.ON has offered an award for research on a particular topic. The company says it has spent € 60 million on such projects since 2007.

Ministry clears backlog of CSP projects in Spain

In May of this year, a decree issued by the Spanish Ministry of Industry had caused a stir in the sector. Until then, everybody who completed his power plant within a certain time frame could expect to obtain the feed-in tariff. The new decree introduced the requirement of an inscription into a register as a condition for being entitled to the tariff.

Ezinç completed 3,000,000 square metres

<b>Ezinç’s jubilee collector is presented at the company’s headquarters.</b><br><br><i>Photo: Ezinç</i>

The company announced this in a press release. Its production was celebrated at the production site with all staff members when the jubilee collector appeared at the end of the production line.

Israel’s and Egypt’s head of states discuss huge solar plant

Binyamin Ben Eliezer, Israels Trade and Labour Minister, reported this at the Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference that took place in Israel in February.