Solar Thermal

Southwest Solar tests turbine

<b>The original plans to build a demonstration plant using the Southwest Solar dish have been delayed due to the downturn in the US energy market.</b><br><br><br><i>Photo: Southwest Solar</i>

The heat is captured, as with all CSP technologies, via the concentration of sunlight. For this purpose Southwest Solar uses a 320 m2 parabolic mirror, which concentrates the sunlight by a factor of 2000 and focuses it on a receiver. In the receiver, compressed air is superheated and then piped to the turbine. This process is not unusual, and is used by other companies in a similar form.

60 million $ for CSP research

With this financial support, the US government aims to sink the cost of solar thermal power to 6 Ct/kWh by the end of the decade. To do this, it will support research into technologies that have the potential for much higher efficiency, lower cost, and/or more reliable performance than existing commercial and near-commercial CSP systems.

Ground storage for solar heat

<b>18,000 m² of solar thermal collectors provide an excess of heat energy in the summer, which is stored in the ground via probes.</b> <i>Photo: Rehau AG + Co</i>

It supplies 1,200 homes, which have a heating demand of 40 GWh/a. The hot water demand in the summer is completely covered, and the annual energy demand for heating and hot water is covered to the tune of 10 %. In a first expansion phase the solar collector area is now being expanded to 18,000 m² and combined with a ground loop heat storage.

2 GW CSP planned in Tunisia

Construction of the first power plant is set to start in 2014 with the first electricity being supplied two years later. The project developer is the British company Nur Energie in cooperation with Tunisian partners such as Top Oilfield Services. Rather than the usual parabolic troughs, however, Nur Energie will build solar tower power plants.

Two educational institutions in Karnataka get Solarizer solar water heating systems from Emmvee.

Emmvee Solar Systems Private Limited installed high performance solar water heating systems in two prestigious institutions in Karnataka: Morarjee Desai Residential Schools and Vidyashilp Academy.

Market statistics: European solar thermal market remains static in 2011

Brussels - There are signs that the strong decline reported over the last two consecutive years has come to an halt in 2011, according to the annual solar thermal market statistics published today by the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation. However, for a full trend reversal, the industry must develop new market segments and improve price competitiveness.

Emmvee awarded for export and quality

During a workshop on solar water heaters in New Delhi, the Indian solar company Emmvee was awarded by the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for its efforts in the field of export and qualitative work for solar water heaters.