Solar Thermal

NEP Solar incorporated in Switzerland

Leading solar process heat collector supplier NEP Solar is now a Swiss stock (AG) headquartered in Zuerich

World association for CSP founded

The World Solar Thermal Electricity Association (STELAWorld) aims to promote data and information exchange from the industry, research agencies, academic institutions and government bodies around the world that are relevant to CSP.

BrightSource and SCE add storage to three future CSP plants

BrightSource holds Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with the Californian utility Southern California Edison. Three agreements have now been changed, so that the power plants will be built with BrightSource’s new SolarPlus technology. The molten salt storage will enable the power plants to shift production of energy to peak demand in the evening.

Academy for Ecotherm employees

Christoph Stangl, Head of Marketing and the initiator of the project explained that the academy is also open to partner companies, and that a close integration of the Ecotherm branch in Dubai will be useful for international training. The various courses in the training system end with an examination and certification. Ecotherm is investing €150,000 in the academy.

Energy Roadmap 2050: Neither Hot nor Cool

Heating and cooling represents 43%, and by far the largest share, of the final energy consumption in Europe. Although this sector is not only huge in size but also already provides low and no‐carbon solutions it has largely been overlooked in all the scenarios presented in the Energy Roadmap 2050. As a result, the Roadmap fails to deliver a coherent and future-proof vision.

SMEThermal: Call for papers

In cooperation with our magazine, solrico and Solarpraxis will again host the SMEThermal conference in 2013. SMEThermal is Europe’s leading international industry conference on the solar thermal sector.

ETI seeks partners for £ 100 million research programme

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) from the United Kingdom looks for partners for two projects launched as part of the £ 100 million Smart Systems and Heat Programme.