Solar Thermal

TiSUN completes two new reference projects

 The regenerative sports centre in Rome uses a 72 m² solar thermal system. (Photo:Tisun)

Austrian collector manufacturer TiSUN recently finished a reference project for mid sized solar thermal systems. The company equipped a regenerative sports centre in Rome, Italy, with 72 m² collector surface area. The solar system heats up two indoor swimming pools and is equipped with two Pro-Clean stratified tanks with a total storage capacity of 6,000 litres.

SAED is chosen to be the solar thermal energy provider for Juvignac district heating (close to Montpellier, South of France)

“Cofely Services has decided to choose SAED to provide solar thermal collectors, because the SAED’s high temperature technology suits perfectly to district heating needs combined with biomass plant”, says Patrick Nigon, Development Manager, Cofely Services Sud Ouest.

Solar heat for an entire town

Photo: Ritter Solar

The international solar industry often gives Denmark envious looks. Large solar thermal heating networks are being built there on a grand scale. Even more gratifying is the fact that a 1,000 m² collector field will now also supply a German solar thermal heating network in the county of Büsingen.

When the solar power plant talks to the booking software

The new self-sufficient hotel building uses a clever concept that does not waste any energy. (Photo: Arcon Solar)

If properly planned, large-scale solar installations can be pretty smart these days. The most recent example is a new 300 square meter facility on a hotel in Denmark, which adapts its operation to the number of guests in the hotel.