Wind Energy

LZFRP builds its sixth rotor blade factory

The company wants to produce rotor blades for wind turbines with a total capacity of 1 GW annually in the city of Hami. In the coming years, one of the seven 10 GW wind farm complexes planned by the National Energy Authority (NEA) will be constructed in Hami (see S&WE 9/2010, pages 234-241).

WWEA half-year figures: USA and Spain weak

<b>The top 10 countries with the greatest newly installed wind power capacity in the first half of 2010 </b><br><br><i>Source: WWEA</i><br>

But the wind energy market is developing very differently in the individual regions. In Asia, the industry can be satisfied with the figures because development is proceeding at a fast pace not only in China but also in India.

High demand for commercial divers

<b>Divers training at the Underwater Centre in Fort William, Scotland. <b><br><br><i>Photo: UWC</i>

The study, which was carried out by energy business analyst Douglas Westwood focuses on the installation and maintenance phases of offshore wind farm development over the next six years. It concludes that 1,700 divers will be needed during the installation phase where there is a potential for 17.7 GW to come online.

The EWEA expects 10 GW of newly installed capacity

According to the EWEA forecast for wind power installations, the total installed capacity will rise to almost 85 GW by the end of the year. This corresponds to an increase of 13 %, which would make it another record year for wind power installations – last year saw 10.163 GW of new capacity, constituting 39 % of all the new energy generation capacity installed in the EU.

Siemens builds 100 MW wind farm in Ontario

With a capacity of 100 MW, the farm will supply sufficient electricity for around 30,000 households. The installation of the wind turbines is expected to begin in June 2011. This is the second wind contract that Siemens has secured from RES. In November 2009, the company ordered 43 turbines of the same type from Siemens.

-"Eye of the Wind" handed over to Canada

<b>The viewing platform

The 1.5 MW turbine from the Italian Leitwind AG supplies electricity to the ski area and the lift facilities on Grouse Mountain, 1,300 m above the Olympic city of Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia. A lift carries the visitors up to the cable-car-like cabin that has been installed below the top of the 65 m high tower.

More wind power for Turkey

Recently, activities have been initiated by the British company Renewable Energy Systems Holdings Limited, a company that is active worldwide in the renewable energies sector. The company has purchased a portfolio of wind power projects with a capacity of 500 MW in Turkey. The projects worth almost € 750 million will be realized within three to four years.

Windtronics produces small wind turbines in Ontario

<b>6000 Honeywell </b><br><i> Photo: Windtronics </i>

The government of Ontario is subsidizing the project with the same amount. This investment will create a total of 174 new jobs by 2012. The company says it will produce wind turbines for commercial and private use in Windsor and run a research and development department there.

Research platform FINO3 goes into operation

<b>Fino3 is the third Offshore-research platform in north- and Baltic sea.</b> <br><br><i>Photo: FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel</i><br>

The start of operation of the platform is considered an important step forward for offshore wind energy utilization. FINO3 will supply meteorological and oceanographic data for at least 10 years and will withstand waves more than 18 m high.

WinWinD opens largest wind park in the Baltics

The total output of the Aulepa Wind Park is 39 MW, with an annual production of over 100 GWh, which will cover 1.3 % of the end consumption of electricity in Estonia. The turbines of the WWD-3 type have a hub height of 100 m and a rotor diameter of 100 m. According to the company WinWinD will deliver tens of megawatts more for the Estonian Vanakula and Aseri wind parks.