Wind Energy

8 GW of wind power in Poland by 2030

PSE bases its prediction on the applications and down payments it has already obtained from the energy sector. According to this information, the installation of a new capacity of about 32 GW is planned by 2030, of which 13.7 GW fall to wind energy. PSE Operator estimates, however, that only a part of this will actually be realized.

Renk fits out test centre in the USA

<b>The test facility at Clemson University will provide offshore turbine manufacturers with the opportunity to save both costs and time in the development of new systems.</b>

In the future, the university in Charleston wants to test power trains as well as complete nacelles with capacities of up to 15 MW and to simulate wind loads. Renk expects the test stands to be 35 m long and 11 m high. The university wants to offer all turbine manufacturers worldwide the chance to test their offshore systems using the new facility.

SKF supplies WinWindD

SKF will supply the main bearings for 3 MW wind turbines from WinWinD until the end of 2013. The contract is for the supply of the Nautilus main bearing. The manufacturer will also support WinWinD as a development partner for lubrication systems, seals, and in status monitoring.

Repower supplies small-investor-financed wind farm in the USA

At a later stage, the wind farm in the Midwest will have a total capacity of 340 MW. According to Steve Dayney, CEO of Repower USA, Minnesota is one of the fastest-growing US states for the wind business. The start of construction of the first phase of the Lake Country project is scheduled for the end of this year.

Siemens attacks Enercon's monopoly

The somewhat complicated type designation of the prototype specifies its most important characteristics: a capacity of 3 MW, a rotor diameter of 101 m and the most important feature, the gearless direct drive (DD).

Acciona connects Australian wind park to the grid

<b>Waubra wind park has a total capacity of 192 MW. <b><br><i>Photo: Acciona </i><br>

According to Acciona, investment costs amount to Australian dollar 450 million (about € 270 million). The wind park consists of 128 turbines with a capacity of 1.5 MW each. It is thus the biggest wind park installed by the company to date in the world and will be capable of covering the electricity consumption of 140,000 homes.

Vestas closes British plants

<i>Photo: dpa </i>

The company says 425 employees will lose their jobs as a result. 57 employees will stay on to close the factory; another 40 can work at a new turbine blade research center on the island. Vestas wants to start building and testing prototypes at the center as of 2011. A fierce show-down between employees and the company preceded the closure.

Repower puts wind farm in Poland into operation

Wind turbine of the type Repower MM92<br>Photo: Repower<br>

The project Leki Dukielskie in the Polish town of Rzeszow, near Krakau consists of five turbines of the type Repower MM92 with a rated capacity of 2 MW each. The total capacity of 10 MW is enough to provide electricity for around 5,000 households, according to the calculations.

Plan 8 to build wind farms in Chile

The company from Eckernförde says that it has already secured 2,800 ha of land. The projects will be carried out in Chile by the newly founded company Plan 8 Energia Infinita Ltda., of which two Chilean partners own 5 % in total. The remaining 95 % stake is owned by Dirk Jesaitis, who is also the sole Managing Director and owner of Plan 8.

LM Glasfiber inaugurates blade factory in Poland

The factory will be producing blades for the rapidly growing multi-MW wind turbine segment for onshore and offshore wind farms in the northern, central and eastern parts of Europe. The factory has been placed in Goleniów because of the good conditions for quick, flexible and cost-efficient transportation of the blades by sea or by land.