Wind Energy

REpower to supply 23 turbines to Burgundy

The turbines are to be installed in two wind farm projects in the French Burgundy region. 15 turbines of the MM92 type are destined for the wind farm La Bretelle, 8 turbines of the same series are to be erected in the project Echalot. The wind farms will generate a total output of more than 47 MW.

101 new offshore turbines in European waters

According to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) this newly installed offshore wind energy capacity in Europe represents growth of 4.8% in comparison with the same period of last year. The average size of the turbines has also increased: from 2.9 MW in the first half of 2010 to the current 3.4 MW.

Baltic 1 officially opened

<b>The official start of operation of the 48.3 MW wind farm Baltic 1 was the starting signal for the commercial use of offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea.</b><br><br><i>Photo: EnBW</i><br>

The energy company purchased the project in 2008 and began the construction works 16 km to the north of the Darß-Zingst peninsula in the spring of 2010. Baltic 1 comprises 21 Siemens turbines with a capacity of 2.3 MW each. It will supply electric power for about 50,000 households.

Brazil auctions new wind power capacities

How high the auctioned capacity will be is not yet clear, but it will probably lie between 6 and 8 GW. Operators which are able to acquire allocations in the auction will receive an electricity supply contract for the next 20 years. Last year the average offer price was BRL 134/MWh (58 €/MWh). It is estimated that wind turbines with a capacity of 900 MW have been installed so far.

Major order from Iowa

The utility will provide several wind farms in Iowa with the 2.3 MW turbines. After commissioning in January 2012, the farms with a total capacity of 593 MW will produce sufficient energy to supply about 190,000 households. “Our largest onshore order to date from the U.S.

Hochtief and Beluga build jack-up vessel

<b>The erection of offshore turbines will be safer, more efficient and cheaper with the new construction ship from Beluga Hochtief Offshore.</b> <br><br><i>Photo: Beluga Hochtief Offshore</i>

The special ship will be built in the Polish wharf Crist, and will be ready to start operations in 2012. The joint venture is a co-operation between the German company Hochtief Construction and Beluga Shipping. The two firms have agreed to keep the value of the contract confidential.

8 GW of wind power in Poland by 2030

PSE bases its prediction on the applications and down payments it has already obtained from the energy sector. According to this information, the installation of a new capacity of about 32 GW is planned by 2030, of which 13.7 GW fall to wind energy. PSE Operator estimates, however, that only a part of this will actually be realized.

Renk fits out test centre in the USA

<b>The test facility at Clemson University will provide offshore turbine manufacturers with the opportunity to save both costs and time in the development of new systems.</b>

In the future, the university in Charleston wants to test power trains as well as complete nacelles with capacities of up to 15 MW and to simulate wind loads. Renk expects the test stands to be 35 m long and 11 m high. The university wants to offer all turbine manufacturers worldwide the chance to test their offshore systems using the new facility.

SKF supplies WinWindD

SKF will supply the main bearings for 3 MW wind turbines from WinWinD until the end of 2013. The contract is for the supply of the Nautilus main bearing. The manufacturer will also support WinWinD as a development partner for lubrication systems, seals, and in status monitoring.

Repower supplies small-investor-financed wind farm in the USA

At a later stage, the wind farm in the Midwest will have a total capacity of 340 MW. According to Steve Dayney, CEO of Repower USA, Minnesota is one of the fastest-growing US states for the wind business. The start of construction of the first phase of the Lake Country project is scheduled for the end of this year.