Ratiotherm begins manufacturing collectors

In mid-2015 Ratiotherm began manufacturing solar collectors at its Bavarian production plant. (Photo: ratiotherm Heizung & Solartechnik GmbH)
In mid-2015 Ratiotherm began manufacturing solar collectors at its Bavarian production plant. (Photo: ratiotherm Heizung & Solartechnik GmbH)

During recent years, many manufacturing sites for solar thermal collectors in German-speaking countries have been closed down. Ratiotherm Heizung & Solartechnik has decided to go against the trend and has opened a production site to manufacture its own range of solar collectors for pitched and flat roof systems. The plant is located in the Bavarian municipality of Dollnstein.

Up till now, the product range that Ratiotherm is producing locally comprises two collectors with total surface areas of 2.15 m² and 2.51 m². The company cites support for the German energy turnaround, gaining new market shares and its newest business division 'Renewable Heating Networks' as the reasons for its decision to manufacture in-house. Ratiotherm is looking to press forward in this latter area. "At Ratiotherm, we are very well positioned for this interesting future market with our own design team. I am convinced that district heating networks that are independent of heat generation with fossil fuel represent an increasingly attractive energy supply for municipal as well as large industrial customers," said Alfons Kruck, managing director of Ratiotherm.

The company also wants to be able to provide end-customers with a complete package of all components for a solar thermal system from its own production in the future. In addition to layered storage systems, control systems and fresh water stations, the company can now also provide solar collectors.

Tanja Peschel/Ratiotherm

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