Asia Wind Energy Association launched

AsiaWEA has been launched by Asian stakeholders (photo: iStock)
AsiaWEA has been launched by Asian stakeholders (Photo: iStock)

WindEurope, AWEA – and AsiaWEA: Stakeholders of the Asian wind industry have established a wind industry association to cover both onshore and offshore wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region.

The association has been set up by several industry executives from the wind energy sector in Asia. AsiaWEA will coordinate international policy, communications, research and analysis and will provide services to support members’ requirements and needs to help their development.  “Our mission is to establish and promote wind power as the solution to the region’s rapidly growing energy demand and environmental challenges, providing meaningful benefits to the region as a whole”, said Edgare Kerkwijk, one of the founders and board members of the association, in a press release.

The association has already received strong support from several leading stakeholders in the wind industry such as turbine suppliers, developers and investors. “This month we will start with receiving membership applications, while the official membership year will start from January 2017.” said Garima Singhal, membership coordinator for the Asia Wind Energy Association.

At writing this text the website of AsiaWEA does not show any detailed information on founding members or companies that already have joined!

First Asia Wind Energy Conference to take place in October 2017

Several activities are being planned in the coming year. In addition to quarterly membership gatherings and industry-specific seminars, the association will organize the first annual Asia Wind Energy Conference during the Singapore International Energy Week in October 2017. It will be the first large scale regional event for the wind industry in Asia.

The association has already received support from various other associations in the renewable energy sector in the Asia Pacific region. “I am very pleased to hear about the setting up of the Asia Wind Energy Association and look forward to the collaboration between our Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) and Asia Wind Energy Association (AWEA). This partnership in the area of renewable energy development, networking between members and training can help us achieve our common goals of promoting industry development and emissions reduction,” according to Edwin Khew, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore.

Volker Buddensiek / AsiaWEA