wpd wins 1 GW through bids for Taiwanese offshore projects Yunlin & Guanyin


On Monday, April 30th the Taiwanese Ministry of Economy announced the award of 1 GW of grid connection capacity for the implementation of the offshore wind projects Yunlin and Guanyin to wpd. With the award of these projects developed by wpd during the last years, the company is meeting an important milestone of its strategy to expand its leading role for the energy transition of Taiwan. After more than ten years presence and together with partners, wpd reached a market share of about 50 percent in the onshore business. wpd will also stand in the frontline of the first offshore projects to be implemented.

The Yunlin project, which will be built eight kilometer off the coast of Yunlin County, will be the first project and commissioned in 2020/2021 with about 650-700 MW. “Everybody who followed us during the last year knows that our main focus for Yunlin is the speedy construction completed in 2020. While the acknowledgment of this approach by the Government is really great news, we will now concentrate on tying together contractors, banks and investors for this important goal”, comments Achim Berge Olsen, Managing Director of wpd offshore GmbH.

The Guanyin project, which will be built two kilometer off the coast of Taoyuan County, will be the second project and will be commissioned in 2021 with about 350 MW. Yuni Wang, Managing Director of wpd Taiwan explains: “Main focus of our bid for Guanyin is the localization of the supply chain. Together with Taiwanese partners a localization plan has been presented which will bring a lot of knowledge transfer to Taiwan while maintaining quality and time constraints for the project. We would like to express our gratitude to all involved parties.”

“We are impressed by the dedication of the Taiwanese Government to their offshore wind strategy. There have not been any changes or delays during the selection process. We as wpd will stick to that attitude and simply deliver our projects now”, Achim Berge Olsen summarizes the experience with the offshore wind tender in Taiwan and gives a further outlook: “Joint teams have been created out of the 200 technical experts from Germany with three offshore projects constructed and the 75 Taiwanese colleagues with their development excellence. This combination of skills will be key for realizing Yunlin and Guanyin.”

Source: wpd